Government Infrastructure & Life Support

With a proven track record in supporting government and defense/military programs throughout the Middle East region, the Heston Group has provided wide ranging logistical and life support services in the most hostile of environments. 

With HR provision at its core, and life support crucial in austere environments, the Heston Group has utilized its supply networks to provide time critical services that have assisted our clients in delivering mission success.

Heston are able to offer contract services including dining facilities, contract catering, cleaning, laundry, accommodation, operations and maintenance, leisure and recreation, property, estate services, facilities management and facilities establishment.

These services can be provided within a manpower related project of any dimension, or designed to fit the client’s specific configuration requirements.

Turnkey solutions include the establishment of Dining Facilities (DFAC), Life Support Accommodation (LSA) and Permanent Accommodation for Contractors (PAC).



These services have included:

International Fuel Transportation Bespoke engineering solutions Procurement Services Food and Life Support Services (DFAC) Air Transportation (Fixed wing) Reutilization and demilitarizes and disposes off excess and unserviceable military property HR Provision of Specialist Personnel Proven rapid response solutions